About Homes Direct

Living In Comfort is our motto and are driven by our collective desire and apparition to deliver quality yet affordable homes to the low to middle class income segment of the populace and also to offer maintenance management support and customer service.

Homes Direct Limited (HDL) is a exclusively Ghanaian owned business whose fundamental principle is augmenting the value chain and stakeholder progression. Homes Direct Limited is poised to provide housing for all from a pure housing developer’s perspective through to other related sectors in the real estate industry.

Even before we commenced our first project, HDL have invested heavily in and spurring our team of highly experienced, dedicated and well resourced professionals and artisans to provide our prospective clients with a wide variety of flexible solutions from residential properties.

Our exceedingly competent consulting team of architects, civil engineers, quantity surveyors, and property managers, who are familiar with the company’s areas of operation, leverage on their core proficiencies to provide one-stop construction solutions to our clients. Our in-depth local knowledge of the areas in which we operate and close working relationships with our clients and value chain distinguishes us from our competitors.

We plan the whole development process from feasibility studies and impact analysis covering technical and logistical through, legal, environmental and financial considerations to ensure successful delivery of projects.